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Sometimes my finace can work a nerve on me. When i txt him he be like in another world seems like. for example i txt one thing like hey you want to eat and then he wont answer but start up a new convo then he would answer my que. but i be on the new topic he just made up in that s*** just f***ing bugs me then he alwaays make me feel gulity as hell cuz im in another state trying to go to school so i can make something out of my life and he just being an ass about it saying a women should follow her hiusband and that he miss me and that im puttin my career over him like wtf is that s*** im trying to better my life and all u care bout is how misberal ur life is with out me n that we can make a family … ummm no not until we can get a better education to support that family not to mention i just graduated this year so im young and i love him lord knows i do but i just need to do me right now i cant start nothing in life until i get all my eduaction down i want to be a lawyer so yea i kinda need to go to college then law school to get this done he just dont understand me at times and try to make me as the bad guy but in reality i know if he really loved me how he says he does he would want me to stay here and get my education and make my dreams come true then he tries to blame me from him not going to college i never told him not to go hell i was happy and braggin bout him going now he goin to this college that not a real college to me its not even a community college i dont think you can get your f***ing bacherlors there yet he want me to go hello i dont want to be a bumb i want to make something out of my life instead of just being some house wife cooking and cleaning thats not me i cant do that hopefully he will understand and we can be happy if not he will always b my first adn only love

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