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I used to waste my time looking at how other ppl live their lives. I later realized it was a waste of time it’s not about how I can match up with these ppl but how I choose to spend my time. I was certainly the guy who never got the girl…to this day. Before that worried me, then I realized that something’s that might seem important right now might not seem so important in the long run. Certainly no one lives forever therefore I’m not spending my time admiring other ppl live their lives. being productive is key and doing good for others is a must.
Ppl who got worse do better so the example is set. think it’s tough being poor in the U.S trying being poor in a poor country. No one chooses to be born were they are and definitely not raised, but you play the cards your dealt and make the most of what you’ve got doesn’t meant things are impossible, just a lot more difficult than others might have it. Even still ppl judge each other by how someone behaves, in a way everyone is a bit broken, but more likely than not it’s because that person is a product of their environment, a lion is a lion in the city and in jungle, my time is precious to me and I have so much work that never gets quite finished. PLZ SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS IN THE COMMENTS

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