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So this is the first time ever doing something like this so ill give her a go. So I guess ill start from the beginning, so two years ago I was at this dance hanging with my friends being trouble maker, when is girl I’ve never met before come out of no where and starts talking to me and I’ve know her ever since. During these two years of knowing her I’ve tried over and over again trying to tell her the well.. to be truthful that I think I love her but every time I try her always brings up this other guy. Now as I know him and her have tried going out but it never works out and I never try to use that so I could go out with her because that’s wrong, but during the time I’ve known her every time and I mean every time I’d do mention how I feel her and this guy are trying it again, and to make it more confusing for me, last year she when on a tropical trip and met this guy and her didn’t ever give me a chance with her, but a random guy from a topical place that you met for 2weeks gets one.. and every time hers hurt me by going beck to is guy 7 times and the random one, I still love/liked her even though I knew that ill never get a chance. So lately I found out from people that I never even known tell me that this guy and her are trying again, and right before I was going to tell her how I felt (I had a note and everything) so then I lost it, I need to get it out so I started posting feeling on FB in French hoping she wouldn’t read them, but she did and soon after we got in a fight or argument I don’t know, and I told her everything how I been feeling, how I felt, and my thought… but know we are on a break and I don’t even truly know if that she even want me as a friend… I never.. wanted this to happen but it did I like her so much, but my jealousy got in the way and don’t only did I mess up any chance for the future but I think I lost my best-friend…. now depressed and sad listening to my country music, I question what kind of person I am and if id ever be good enough for a women..

This is my first time ever talking about it, and I don’t talk about anything(my feeling I mean) because im not good at it, humm.. maybe that’s why she wouldn’t date me… I don’t know… sometime I hate stuff like this, thanks god for vodka, games, work and trucks!

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