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I needed a place where i can write out my feelings where no 1 i know or loved can see them. I tried a diary but when I go to my Daddy house he reads it. Like i dont have my own privacy at all when im here. Lucky when im at my mama house she respects that i can leave my book wide open and she wont even glance at it. I love my mama i really miss here but i have to go to college thats why im with my daddy now so that he can help pay and get me in. I miss my mama house im soooooooo far away and i just miss the family vide there. here at my daddy’s house i dont get that vide at all. he always tell me he love me and hug me n stuff but its not the same as when my mama or granny or sis or bros do it. it kinda seems fake to me even though i know he really does loves me and try his best but i just miss home my friends everything about the city life. now im in this country town with not even one assiocate it seems like im an outsider no matter where i go it dont bother me as bad as i thought it would i kinda like being alone and on my own here that way i cant get close to some1 knowing that in the next 2yrs i will be back to living in the city. i just idk its something making me want to stay and something telling me to leave idk who to listen to at this point but im gone to stay in at least get a degree cuz i refuse to be an uneducated bum

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