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im stupid..ill start off with that much….ill give a lil back story to this so you can understand…i was married for three years to my first boyfriend from 14yrs old..he worked while i stayed home with our day things started to change..come to find out he was cheating on me with a i left..wasnt as hard as most would think i was kind of happy to be able to start my life again..i got a full time job a house and all that jazz..come to my surprise a very nice cute guy sat next to me at work..we started talking and hanging out more an more but he had a girlfriend and i KNEW!(i f*cking knew about her)….we still ended up sleeping together..f***ed up i know. i helped in doing exactly what my ex did to me…but i didnt care. i loved him. i was happy with him..we start talking of moving in together and all that kind of stuff then one day he tells me hes going to go see his talk about things so they can be friends…………he never came back that night..i packed my s*** the next morning an left…now i get to see him at work every day and god i hate it..i hate him. i hate having to tell my son we can never see him again…im so stupid..

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