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This is an answer to a question on Yahoo! Answers. They are no longer accepting answers but I had to have my say somewhere because I know I can answer it. It is about Michael Jackson and the accusations that were put against him in 1993 and 2005. This is a link to the question:–&paid=add_comment#yan-comment-form
And this is my response:

1. Surely that would give him more reason to want to protect children from the same thing…
2. Oh but the fact that he was married twice means nothing to you?! (Also see my next point).
3. Listen to more of his songs. A surprising amount of them are about sex with women. Also watch him dance. All I can say is I’ll bet he was ‘good’ IFYOUKNOWWHATIMEAN. And his ‘music videos’ – nearly all of them have beautiful, sometimes skimpily-dressed women in them (cheeky Michael). His bodyguards also say he had lots of secret girlfriends, was a ‘ladies’ man’, and had a curtain in his car that separated the front from the back so he could kiss his girlfriend without being interrupted. The bodyguards could apparently hear the kissing. Also when Neverland Ranch was searched by police, I HEARD (and I’m sorry Michael but if it clears your name it has to be said) that they found pornography videos of heterosexual sex. No gay porn, nothing weird and DEFINITELY no child pornography. His one-time wife also said they did have sex, and it is rumoured that someone who had slept with him, I can’t remember who but it might have been her, said he was very ‘good’.
4. He went to awards shows with Brooke Shields for one, he took Bubbles (the CHIMP, not MONKEY) sometimes because he liked being with him, and he took kids because it was such an exciting experience for the kids. Maybe he didn’t like any ‘hot women’ enough to take them with him to important events when he wanted people he felt comfortable around to be with him? He also trusted kids and animals because (before the accusations) he had been used, manipulated and hurt by adults but not by children or animals.
5. Listen to (or read the lyrics to) his song ‘Childhood’. It’s because he didn’t have a normal childhood, so when he was an adult and free to do what he wanted, he enjoyed the things he missed out on when he was little and identified with kids. He also said he saw the face of God in children. (Also see my previous point about trusting them.)
6. He said he considered it to be innocent and ‘charming’ and a ‘loving thing to do’. Also why would he admit to it if it was anything dodgy? And, in a prime-time interview with Diane Sawyer (in 1994 I think) with his then-wife Lisa Marie Presley, he was asked about it and Lisa Marie said that she had seen it, she had seen that the children visiting Neverland loved Michael so much that they would not leave him alone – if he went and ran and got into bed, the kids would follow him. She said it was completely innocent. And one boy who had slept in the same bed as Michael said that it was absolutely not wrong and they slept on different sides and that was that. Lisa Marie also acknowledged that it may seem strange to outsiders but that if you actually knew Michael, it made sense and was very innocent and natural. He saw those kids as his friends, they were friends of his. Friends can sleep in the same bed without it being weird. He was a very childlike person, he was so innocent that he didn’t see why anyone could think it was wrong. Abusing a child was such an unfathomable thing to him, he didn’t understand how anyone could think that that was something he would ever do, or how anyone could ever do it.
7. Once as an extortion plan (Evan Chandler made his son Jordan accuse Michael. Evan was even recorded on the phone to a friend talking about how if he did it, he would ‘win big’ and get loads of money etc) – Jordan even admitted after Michael died (some say even the day after he died) that the whole thing was a lie. Any ‘evidence’ they had was completely disproved – nothing the boy claimed matched anything to do with Michael.
The second time was simply because that family knew that people would believe it because he had already been accused once. He was an easy target because he was too trusting.
8. He lied about the surgery because he was ashamed. He had very, very low self-confidence. He was also very private and didn’t see why he should share this with everyone. He didn’t lie about his skin condition; he was never seen in daylight without an umbrella and his autopsy confirmed that he did indeed suffer with vitiligo, which ran in the family on his father’s side. He looked ‘worse’ because he was always stressed and being hounded. And I don’t think he ever looked ‘bad’ – I think he was a very beautiful, good-looking man. He aged, certainly, but everyone does. Plus sometimes he wore a lot of makeup, sometimes he didn’t. He also did admit that he had back problems (we now know this to be arthritis, which he also had in his fingers). Everyone gets a little ill sometimes, he just probably denied being under the weather because he didn’t want all the media making it out to be more than it was, or his fans all getting hysterical. He was ashamed about his money worries because he thought it was down to ‘failing’ records which hurt him a lot and probably made him feel that his fans no longer loved him, though this was not the case. Michael LOVED to shop. He really, really loved it. He was always buying the most extraordinary, expensive things, mainly for his house. He also bought extravagant gifts for people because he loved the feeling of giving, and he gave huge amounts to the many charities he worked with (just under forty charities). This all built up. The weird thing was, he was still worth hundreds of millions of dollars, despite the debt.
9. He paid them off because the trial was putting him through so much pain and bad publicity that he couldn’t take it. He was also battling an addiction to painkillers at the time and probably wouldn’t have been able to cope with a full trial. He also said he asked his legal team if they could give him a 100% guarantee that ‘justice would prevail’. They said they could never promise that to anyone in any trial because sometimes the legal system just gets it horribly wrong. He was horrified and thought there was only one way that he could make sure he didn’t get convicted, and that was to settle out of court. Plus who on Earth would settle out of court if their child really had been molested?! If you knew that had really happened to your child, you would want that person to rot in jail, you wouldn’t just accept money and let them get off scot-free.

Any rational, reasonable person, when presented with the actual facts, can see that he was innocent. What people were told in the newspapers were sensationalist lies. When it came out that he had been accused, it was front-page news absolutely EVERYWHERE. But when it came out in court that the boy had described ‘markings’ on his private area that failed to match up with police photos, did anyone report it? The hell did they. When Jordan Chandler admitted that it was all lies, did they report it? Of course they didn’t. Because the headline ‘MICHAEL JACKSON PROVEN 100% INNOCENT’ or, ‘BOY WHO ACCUSED MICHAEL JACKSON OF MOLESTATION ADMITS IT WAS A LIE’ would not sell papers as well as ‘MICHAEL JACKSON CHILD MOLESTATION SCANDAL’ would. People want to believe the most scandalous things reported. So the media does not report things unless they think it will be Earth-shattering news.
The people that still maintain he was guilty after hearing all the facts? THEY are the gullible ones believing a lie. We fans believe him because we can be bothered to know all the facts, rather than the rumours REPORTED as facts.

Thank you if you took the time to read this. People have to understand that I spent a ridiculous amount of time doing this purely because I care, and I know what I am talking about because I have spent years finding out everything I know. I believed even before I was a fan, that he was innocent; it just took me to become a real fan to realise just how obvious it is. I really hope that people can look past being obstinate about what they WANT to believe, and be able to see that it makes sense. I am not some crazy lunatic that believes he was innocent just because he was Michael Jackson. I mean, I used to like Gary Glitter but I sure as hell don’t now. I am a reasonable, rational person who believes that Michael was innocent because I cannot help but believe it when the facts are laid out in front of me.
So, thanks. If I cleared his name with even just one person, I will be over the moon about it and I would love to hear from you. If you wish to discuss it (and I don’t mean hurl abuse at me, I mean actually discuss it), feel free to email me at [email protected] . Thank you.

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