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Ok so this is my first time doing this. I don’t really know if I should get hits/comments or not but I don’t really care. OK so tjere is this guy I am like head over heels for… I know sooo interesting. Anyways he tells me he likes me a lot wants me to date him then kisses me. A few days later Things are going ok getting ready to date each other… then all of the sudden I hear from the grape vine, shes an awful person and shes a liar and i dont want to date you…. WTF?! Like 20 minutes ago you were all over me then I don’t like you?!? woooooow! Way to crush a girls heart. Like 2 weeks later he comes over and I see him… i ask him what was that all about and he said that he heard things… I already knew what he heard cause it was an issue between a few other people and me. So I told him the truth and we were cool… He still likes me… my feelings kinda are changing because HE KISSED MY COUSIN WHO IS ALSO MY BEST FRIEND!!!! Talk about a happy ever after right…
Bubble Girl…. I know its a lame name.

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