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Does time truly heal all wounds? Could you ever imagine having amnesia? To forget your entire life- How much of it is forgetting life- or forgetting memories? What if there was a medical way to create an amnesia experience- Would you ever choose to forget your past?- To imagine something away is different-But to rightfully choose whether or not you want to erase your memories – To live a whole new life- Take Back vs. This Battle would be a Contradiction – I love the way the stars move at night – Chasing the moon – Just an hour ago it was- It always catches me by surprise- How wonderful- To respectfully appreciate- I think it’s funny that you can agree and disagree at the same time- Tone changes everything- Why would the same words in different tones affect my feelings differently? – Sometimes it just doesn’t matter- I can’t believe that at the end of my life I had purpose in the world- Is it purpose or just the gift of experience- Religion vs. Superstition- People trying to fill life- Adventure- You can’t be lost- You’re just not found.

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