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How content are you really?- You are only as content as another lets you be- Disturbance of peace- The moment

when you start questioning your sanity- Are you just ignorant or did s*** really just come out of no where? – Is there

someone out there that has never told a lie?- Why are we constantly in pleasing mode – We like to pay attention to

the things we don’t have- I was thinking last night- That I don’t understand hoarders- Stuff in the end never makes me happy- But maybe it does a little- I’d go crazy having nothing- Could you ever understand someone who is homeless?- What a sad life- I never judge someone that is homeless- If it wasn’t for family and friends I might have had to live on the streets- When you literally have nothing but some coins to your name- Money vs. Emotions- Love vs. Emotions- Everyone lives a different life- What an experience it would be to trace a wrinkle- A story- A lifetime- A memory – Everyone has heart-But not everyone has a heart.

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