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My boss got his holga camera today- The pictures are so beautiful- Beautiful is such a wonderful word- I’m fixing to get a holga camera- It’ll inspire me- I always wonder if there is someone out there that thinks exactly the way I do- I can believe that someone in the world shares my thoughts entirely- There is always a possibility- I once watched on discovery that in an alternate life you will also live the opposite of what you know as your life- There is a movie coming out called Another Earth- I could imagine it being that way- Except on the movie you can visit your second life- That would be a contradiction – You should never manipulate your life. Is that what fate is?

My thought process:

What am I doing- How do we have computers- Could you imagine being your parents age right now- Looking through their eyes- Looking at their pictures- What would I be feeling at this exact moment- What is the world going to like when I’m 70- That is a long time from now- How long do I want to live- What all will I experience- Will I live a happy life- Are fairy tales true- Some parts are- Can you dream about your life to be one way but choose to live an entirely different life- Does anyone else imagine themselves in a different era- Everything you know you have either been told or have been taught/read from a book- I start thinking about how all the information I know has been taught to me- Life as a whole is many experiences- Could you ever imagine the change of your life living one door over- The world changes everywhere you are- Lighting- Sounds- Scenery-Is there such thing as reincarnation – Buddhism- Why can’t others just listen for once and stop trying to be heard- Why do we all feel jealousy-love-sorrow-happiness- Isn’t is crazy you can feel all of those emotions all at once- Don’t ever try to learn all of the answers- The definite truth should always have enough mystery left.

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