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Posted by on 2012/08/05 under Uncategorized

I decided tonight that I want to write my thoughts – Does everyone think this way? Would someone want to know mine?

Standing out side starring at the road tracing the traffic-Imagining how much my world would change if I started getting involved with politics-I choose not to vote-but how can you choose to not vote and still want to live free- I live in a world of contradictions- And I’m ok with that- I’m neutral with many opinions- Today I felt happiness: I LOVE looking back at pictures and getting that feeling in your stomach of how you felt at the time- and then you remember what all had to happen in order for that picture to be possible–Beautiful, Wonderful, Delightful, Brilliant, Amazing, Splendid, Enlightened- feel like emotions. When I think of these words- I feel- What a silly little day today was -Can you feel what you imagine? – And if so- than are you really imagining? ::: Through the sorrow there is a beam of sunshine- Don’t try to escape it’s warmth. Embrace- I think it’s amazing what people remember about you- Why is it that someone can remember so much of something that wasn’t memorable to you-maybe not even to themselves? I can remember things that don’t mean anything to me- is that possible? If they don’t mean anything than why is it that you remember? – Looking out the windows tonight I discovered that my whole childhood was magical- In the moments that I get to see what’s around me I get to see magic- Sometimes I feel like I’m in a fairy tale- It’s not one from a movie- but one that should be experienced.

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