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Everyday since I was Nine i feel like I am alone. Like there is no one to go to about how I feel.Sure there is family members but to me it seems like they don’t understand how I feel. My family keeps secrets like its something you treasure. My mother doesn’t know that I know that my little sisters dad is not mine that I have another brother and sister and it upset me that they don’t have the nerve to tell me. I mean yea he did sign off all his rights to me and my twin but I think we have the right to know about it.Yeah I talk to someone about my problems like me being bullied when I went to a school, me feeling lonely in my household me just being different it hurts having to hold all that in but I don’t talk to anyone about it anymore and i think its really getting to me and i dont know what to do anymore. My family doesn’t support me singing me acting when I have appointments to get interviewed like I have no one to go to. Like i am not even there. This whole summer has been ruined cause me being so Pressured, confused, hurt, sad, mad, Lonely. My sisters are no help with it they just add on to the pressure on me. Its like I have to please them to even do something with them. I just don’t know anymore.

4 thoughts on “Feeling Lonely..

  1. loser says:

    i feel u dude

  2. Kianna says:

    I’m a girl but thanks

  3. No One says:

    I’m Here For You Now :))

  4. Wannadie says:

    I have felt worst than that since I was 3and honestly im jealouse of yhe problems others face

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