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i loved you for so long. yeah i made my mistakes and you made yours but we moved past it. i thought you loved me but if you did you wouldnt hurt me emotionaly like that.every time you try to get back in touch with me im breathless,clueless i wish you could change your ways. you say youll always love me but even if we got back together you wouldnt just drop all the guys your talking to now to just be mine i wish you would i dont know what to think about you i know were broken up but you moved on so quik and i found out what you did while we were toghter maybe its not that serious but remember how were gonna get back together and you called me and said how you were making out with that dude yeah i know you were drunk but thats still f***ed up. but now your calling me saying “hey” you wonder why i asked why are calling. youll never just be mine no matter how much i wish you would.

One thought on “dont know what to say or do

  1. Unforgetable says:

    I understand what you’re going through . But, I think that as time goes on it’ll be better . But, maybe i’m wrong .

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