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Hey I just wanted to say; when we first met I knew you were apart of a different religion and belonged to a different culture, I knew your english was understandable but not perfect, I knew you were older than me, I knew you infected your lungs with smoking, I also knew you could never fall for me the way I have you… I think, I think I love you, no matter what you are, no matter where you come from and no matter what happens, I will be here for you, I will convert religious views for you and I will speak the language you speak. I will love you till the day i lay upon my death bed and i promise to cherish you, your health and your opinions. Thats love, right? i would create and adapt a new life, not leaving my old one behind but moulding two lives into one, two religions, two pople, to create happiness and to create love. In return I ask you one favour; I ask you to love me back, to cherish me, to treat me as an equal and to never walk away… do you think you can do that? Or do I have to find my fairytale elsewhere?

Sincerely the girl who would do anything for your love.

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