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Im only 14 now but me and this guy have been so intenesly into eachother since october 2010. I didnt love him at first…but when we started dating it took about 3 days for me in fall deeply in love with him. We ended up breaking up but we continued to be ‘friends with benefits’. [ Dont worry we didnt have sex we just made out alot. ] About 5 months ago we stopped being friends with benefits because he got this new girlfriend. It hurt a little but i let it go Very quickly. Recently, we spent some time together. He was flirting and tickling me and he laid in a bed next to me and just rubbed on my leg. I completely forgot he had a girlfriend. For a moment i just felt like we were back in love and everything was okay. lATER THAT SAME day we got in the pool. He was still rubbin on my legs and grabbin my shorts then he tried to finger me. Thats when i remembered hes not my boyfriend and he was taken. I felt so bad cause by that point i was back in love with him and i was kinda hopeing he felt the same. But i was on Twitter and i saw him tweeting his girlfriend about how much he ‘loved’ her and how he would never cheat on her or hurt her. And it really hurt. So now, i cant stop thinking about him. Im head over heels in love with him, and i think he just uses me for sex. Ive even had dreams about him recently. And, yes, he’s taken, and he’s a jerk, and a liar, and a cheater. But i can NOT let him go. He was my first love, my first real kiss, and my longest relationship. I cant focus on anything without him popping into my head. And if he was willing to do all that with me despite how much he says he ‘loves’ his girlfriend does he still have feelings for me? Uhhhgg its settled Im in love with a jerk. can someone give me feedback please help ! Oh and p.s. thats as far as ive ever gone with a guy. I honestly didnt want to go that far it was just so quick and so intense and sexy and it felt so good i was temporarily insane! But still i need help with this situation i feel so depressed and guilty and slutty and just bad….PLEASE HELP !!!!!

2 thoughts on “Im in love with a jerk

  1. silvermist says:

    honestly that jerk dont love you im sorry to say it so bluntly but hes just using u lost guys do that i mean he has a girlfriend but still wants to “finger” u n then has the gut to tell his girlfriend that he loves her i dnt think that u shud ever give him another chance if it comes to that or ever let him touch u like that hes a jerk with another girlfriend and u shud really move on and forget him hes not worth him btw im sorry if whatever i said about him affects u or makes u angry with what i had to say

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the person above. I think it is time to let this guy go because I don’t want you getting in any trouble. This guy is in a relationship and what he’s doing with you is wrong. You are only 14 and I assure you that there are other boys out there who will love you and only you. And when you find that person, don’t rush it! There is no need for sex, because loving each other needs to come before that.

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