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We are so different. Everything always has to be my fault. I get called names by them because I go on the laptop a lot but what teenager doesn’t these days? Anyways we go this new dog Kato right? Well everyone I in my family says I don’t take care of the dog enough. Pretty much I have been the one to clean up his pee and poop when he goes in the house. I had let him out 5 times today. Played with him for 1 hour every time he starts whimpering. My brother says that I pay more attention to my computer than Kato? How should he know? He leaves the dog downstairs with me while he owe upstairs an plays video games. My mom complains that I never wake up early when he starts barking and crying at night. I’m 14. I don’t know any 14 year old who wants to wake up at 2am too let the dog out.
One time my brother was standing next to the dog and watched him pee than he told me it was my fault but I was in the other room. It’s always my fault. Not just for the dog. EVERYThing!
I feel so out of place. My family is so loud and talks to everyone and I really don’t like talking to adults since im shy. I have no problem talikg to kids my age or of any age up till 18.
I like collecting Pokemon and watching anime and ponies. Everyone calls it stupid, gay, and so on. it makes me feel lonely. No one understands me. Not even my friends. Well there is one person who almost gets me. Her name is Tasha. she is like my sister 🙂

Sometimes I just wish that I had different family. I love them but I don’t belong with them.

One thought on “I don’t belong with my family

  1. theresa says:

    i feel the same way. everything has to be my fault. my mom calls me names that you would never expect a mom to call you that. every sigle little think i do is wrong. my sister lost her glasses while sleeping and every morning i make the bed. so that morning she couldnt find her glasses and so my mom asked me if i saw it and i said no. then she satrted yelling at me becuase i coulndt find the stupid glasses whle making HER bed. i understand my sister is only 7 but wheni was seven she made me do all the chores aorund the house already and my sister right now all she does is watch tv and do nothing. everysingle timei go on my laptop i get yelled at. my mom yells at me she calls me all these names.. i mean it seems like im over exzagerating and that my mom does love me, but when your own mom says that she doesnt like to see your face and that she hates you more than anything.. it kinda gets to you. right now im i the garage because i got kicked out of my room( which i share with my mom and my sister) and my mom locked the garage door so i guess im a alone right now.. enever once have i told all my feelings to anyone. im just counting down the days till im free. im also a fourteen years old. right now there is no one to trust anymore.

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