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U confuse me so much, here, I will tell u the story:
the first day I saw u in summer school I knew u were it, the one. And u kept staring at me, non stop, tht was my hint to go for it, or so i thought. So I hoped to god u ended up in me and my friends class, u did. When it came time to share something interesting bout us I said tht I liked to sing, u said u liked to play guitar, I feel for u…..HARD. Then u had to go into the other class because of confusion, I was sad but I got over it.
The next week, a guy came to me and my friends table at lunch and started to talk to us, I think he liked me. he told us things we didn’t wanna know, how he got caught with drugs and went to juvey for 2 yrs. then we heard a rumor that he stabbed ur mom, we got scared, but he kept coming to sit with us everyday. Then one day me and my friend came to sit at ur table, and said tht we were hiding from HIM, which was partially true, the other part was tht I liked u. But then HE had to come sit at the table, he started talking bout his iPod and how many gigs it was, my friend could c tht u had tht jeaulos look on ur face. Then the next day we went up to ur table and told u the real reason we choose ur table to hide from HIM, tht I thought u were hot, ur friend then said to bad u have a gf, u said ya, my heart dropped. The next day I didn’t know what would happen, I was scared HE would come to our table again, he did, and for some reason u came and told him that u wanted to talk to him, and at the end of the lunch period u walked by our table and said ” I saved u”. I didn’t get it at first, I was thankful u did save us, but I didn’t get WHY u did it, because I made a fool of myself in front of u the day b4. So the next few days u saved us from him, I was thankful, then u came to our table and left HIM at ur table, then u talked to me and told me u thought he was creepy, I agreed. Then the next day HE came to sit at me and my friends table, this time u came to our table to “protect” us, I was confused. Then in the computer lab the same day u kept staring at me, and I was confused even more. The next day u came to our table, u talked to us for a while, then HE came, so then u saw my song book lying on the lunch table, u asked my friend at first if she wrote songs and she said no but tht I do, so u asked me if I write songs and I said yes and u said tht u write songs 2. Tht was the cutest moment. But ur confusing me so much, u stared at me on the first day of summer school non stop, then u tell me u have a gf, then u stare at me even more, and u talk to me with passion. But I’m so confused, wat r u doing? Why r u so confusing? Do u like me? Do u wanna b just friends? r u jealous of HIM? WAT R U TRYING TO SAY!!!!!!!!! IM FGOING CRAZY TRYING TO FIGURE THIS OUT!!! JUST GIVE ME A HINT!!!!! ANY THING, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

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