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Posted by on 2012/07/28 under Uncategorized

All he does is lie and lie. i Wanted to be together for a long time i wanted him to be my forever, but its like it doesnt even make a diffrence to him. I had to let him go bc all he did was lie and cheat but i still miss him… Why did it have to happen to me i never lied or cheated on him i was the best gf i could be, i wanted to be w/ him so bad words cant describe it. Im so scared to see him w/ anyone else ever im scared that God wont replace him w/ anyone, that nothing better is gonna take his place… its only been a day and i just really miss him… just alot im heartbroken and theres no way that i can win… </3

One thought on “Lies </3

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes it just doesn’t work, no matter how perfect everything seems. I always thought when she said forever she meant that but people get confused in their thoughts. You’ll be fine it’s just gunna take some work.

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