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I’m writing just to write, Scroll over this if you want. Read it. IDC, Honestly. IDC. And that my dear reader is the biggest lie I say all the time. That is something almost everyone in the whole world says, in every language known to the tongue, heard by every ear, and read by every eye. Those 3 words or 3 letters. I don’t care. You took something of mine? IDC. You went and did this or that? IDC. You went and tried to get with the girl I like? IDC. BULLS***! I cared every moment. When I loose friends who were once so close to me. I care. When I see someone I know after so long, and they just walk by like nothing. I do care. Call me crazy or something. But I care bout everyone and everything. F*** you if you disagree. IDC what you think. I don’t even know whose gonna be reading this… You know what. F*** everything!… I’m sorry. ~SS~

2 thoughts on “I Don’t Care!!!

  1. silvermist says:

    wow thats deep but i could not agree with you more….people say they dont care when they do but seriously they have a reason why they say that some of them are too popular to say they care or maybe too scared

  2. Anonymous says:

    i care:P

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