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I’ve always been told that what goes around comes around…I got pregnant at 17. He stayed in school, didn’t work, didn’t contribute. I dropped out of school and worked full time to make sure I had medical insurance. He hasn’t seen the baby since he was a year old. He’s 9 now. He has a wife, a new baby, a successful business..I’ve struggled to finish high school, and to find a way to juggle work, college, day care/school events..where is this karma everyone talks about?

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  1. Sym says:

    I don’t know if it exists. Maybe its better not to wait on it to happen to him but to focus on making your life and your son’s better.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I also dun know whether karma exists or not but from wat I have read i think u have work very hard for both u n ur son’s life. I think u should just continue to live ur life with ur son however u want without looking back at the past or thinking back about him. JUST ACCEPT THE PAST N LIVE THE FUTURE. I think u r a very responsible n loving mother if u r willing to raise ur son although ‘HE’ left u. so live ur life n dun think about those who walk away from ur life, although we dun like it but we need to accept it that LIFE IS SHORT. whether there is or there isn’t karma we will never know so i think wat we must do is live n see wat is God’s plan for him. I know i wrote a lot but in conclusion wat i am trying to say is to live ur life n not to think of the karma he will get. Life may be unfair but if we accept it as it is we may be able to see things that can’t be seen last time n only through accepting life can we see the BEAUTY OF LIFE. If u can’t change the past then change the future by working in the present. I believe God can see wat u have did n wat he have did. If life is hard now maybe there is a reward in the future for all the hard work u did in the past we will never know all this but there is ALWAYS HOPE in life. Lastly, wat i would like to say is, work for both u n ur son’s life n not for him for if he had walk away from ur life he is not worth ur attention. Karma is something we can’t control even if we wan so let’s not think about something we can’t control. whether there is or there isn’t is not like we can control it or do anything about it. SO LIVE N SMILE!! LIFE IS WONDERFUL!! 😀
    I dun know if my comment will offend anyone if I did offend u after u read this comment, then i apologize.
    P/S: Sorry that is so annoyingly long.. 🙁

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