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Posted by on 2012/07/26 under Uncategorized

ive been living with my partner past 10 months, ive found out hes cheated on me with 2 woman, one woman was onli twice in a month she got rid of him when i told her who i was, the other ive only just found out hes been seeing her in a yr just before he met me, im so hurt and guttered, as when i found out in april about his affair he promised me there was no other woman and he loved me. so i forgave him, but just a few days ago i found out hes been lying to me, the other woman wont see him again, she didnt know he was living with me… we both made a decision to give us a month to see how things happen whether we can make changes or not,,, but now ive noticed no spark is there in bed at all, i cant sleep, i lye in bed wide awake while he sleeps, he hasnt apologised either… im not young im in my 40s, ive never been thru this before…but why do i still forgive and love him…he still says he loves me… im so afraid and hurting, i havnt told anybody about this, this is why im up writting on here at 2am,,to get rid of my feelings and pain, as i dont talk to anyone else…

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