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Posted by on 2012/07/23 under Uncategorized

I was happy. For that one small moment, I was happy. That doesn’t happen to me anymore. I’m not allowed to be happy. People that are like me aren’t allowed to be happy.

So, why did you take it away from me? Why did you feel the need to be such a inconsiderate jerk. Why don’t neither of you care anymore? Can’t you see i’m hurting? Not that either of you care. I’d like to think you stopped caring when I became ugly, but I think we both know you never cared. You beat me and made fun of me when I was little and then never apologized. In fact, you made it into my fault. It was always my fault, right? Caring isn’t like that. Love isn’t like that. But, you’re not a boyfriend or friends I can just leave behind. You’re my parents. And the only people I have left. I have no friends. I have no other loved ones that care. Because i’m ugly and unlikable. I’m someone no one cares about. I’m that girl no one remembers.

I try so hard to be liked. I try so hard to just have someone, ANYONE reach out to me. Just having someone talk to me for a few moments makes me feel happy. That someone actually thought I was worth talking to. But, that’s not what happens. I’m awkward. I’m quiet. So, no one talks to me.

I’m alone and everything hurts.

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