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my whole life has turned to s***. my reputation is crap, i have no friends and im not good at anything. i feel like giving up and quitting school at 16 to become a prostitute like everyone expects me to. the worst thing is that none of this is my fault, im just too naive and people use me and bring me down. it seems the harder i try to do something good in my life, it all f***s up and people who i trust let me down. my life is worthless and im f***ing nobody and no one cares. probably not even you

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey I feel your pain, Don’t let the bad things get you down. Maybe you need a change of scenery like move to a different high school than everyone else. That way you can start fresh, be whoever you want to be. Find some good friends and keep them close.

  2. not alone says:

    You think you are the worst sometimes. You dont know whether you regret all the crap you have done because of the outcome or if you wouldnt take it back because you know your a good person. You feel like everyone you love doesn’t see the good in you anymore though you know it’s there, and you trhink maybe there really is something wrong with you. You feel like no matter where you go somebody has a problem with you, yet you feel like your constantly giving, and then again the guilt comes in and maybe you just need to give more. You let men in easy because finding the one just doesnt seem like a reality but god you wish so you like how it feels and now you got a bad reputstion. Every rude comment seems to be geared towards you and no matter what you have done with your looks or how you speak nobody seems to want to know you now. Your happy moments always seem to be crushed and are never fully enjoyed, and you are just so filled with stress you dont think it’s normal for your age. IT IS!!
    Girl look I know how you feel and it friggin sucks but i’m telling you so many people feel the same. We are people with higher level consciounses that eat away at us for constant approval. The key is to love yrself. Stop worrying. Know that someday, someone Will infact love you just the friggin way u r wheather you say too much or whatever your issue is. You are classy and dont need to give your body up to remember so let them work for it.. you ARE a good person and you DO have a good heart. Life when your young is all about who likes u. Who Cares!! they will all become jealous of you and want to be yr friend if u just laugh at yrself, be kind and if u gfeel u r getting better u r.. dont listen to any1 who says there is still more to b done.. everyday u will become a better person because u care.. but dont care too much.. thats yr problem.. u care to much when yr alone.. but when yr with others not enough.. find yr balance and love who u r inside and out otherwise u will learn to hate u when u dont deserve to be hated..dont let yr mind eat u away.. there r worse people and worse things.. yr a young girl.. life is not fair.. be better… dont try or apologize.. just do it <3

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