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Posted by on 2012/07/19 under Uncategorized

i have so many thing im thinking in my mind.firstly, i love to dance but i dn’t have those swag or have the dancer body or moves like a dancer.i remember once dancing infront or my friend and they call me skeleton as im skinny.seeing other girls can dance make me so sadd.

secondly,i realise tht ppl are bless with talent such as singing,dancing n many more.i dn’t know wht im good at.

thirdly,i have been sick for a few month now,and i always sit home.getting use to sitting home i was afaid to go out,afraid smthng bad might happen to me when im outside.smtimes i have to cancel going out with my boifie because of my thinnking of always afraid smthng might hppn.i alwaysthink tht im sick n really am feeling so stress firend dn’t understnd wht im feeling.i smtyme cry.i just want the old me,happy always. :'(

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