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1. My Mother – she thinks she understands and then says something totally different to other people. she always blames me for everything even if it has nothing to do with me….urghhhhh. she and my father tie for first place for my problems. she has so much wrong with her but it will take too long to type it out.

2. My Father – that b*tch. he is just so stupid i don’t understand. he thinks that he knows everything in the world. and this morning he just pissed me off while i was sleeping. i only got 5 hours of sleep and its holiday time I’m supposed to get at least 8 or more hours of sleep. so i was sleeping next to my mother because her bed is more comfortable and she was completely quite doing her work until my dad came into the room , turned on the lights, started to talk SO LOUDLY right in my face and claims he was just talking to my mother about the car. and when i asked my mother NICELY if they could talk a little softer she said ok but my father came back into the room and talked even louder. when my mother told him too talk little softer because he was annoying me he just said that i should shut up an get up. F*CK HIM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. My sister – i don’t know what wrong with that b*tch. on monday we had a fight and i didn’t see her until this morning because she works a lot. this morning i wanted to make it right so i told her good morning and she just ignored me, she has been ignoring me the whole time. and the thing is she is wearing 1 of my jerseys and she getting on like a f*ckin child. F*CK DAT B*TCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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