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Posted by on 2012/07/17 under Uncategorized

I just need a place to rant… Secretly and anonymously.

I am afraid that I might be pregnant. I was dumb enough to go out with a guy… that I met on a dating site… He got me s***-faced drunk.. and I slept with him. We used protection at first, but the I noticed it was gone. He said it ‘slipped’ off. But I noticed later that it was far from the bed… Most likely threw it off. So, I made him buy me the day after pill… since he refused to stop after that. But I should have started my cycle by now.. So I am scared as hell. Sometimes I start late, but I am only 22. Unemployed… So I am screwed if I am pregnant. I feel like I really screwed myself over… And I hate him so much right now… for not stopping when I said to…

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