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Where did she go? The innocent girl with the bright blue eyes.. She didn’t know how it would be. She only wanted to grow up.. She’s a bit older now, that little girl. She doesn’t know where she went. She lost herself among her thoughts. Throwing her soul to the stars, while remaining on earth as a coverup to the inside. The truth. Who is an insider regarding her life? No one. No one but the readers of somewhere to write. Her soul lives in the stars, she knows they’ll take better care of it up there. Those thoughts swarm her mind. “All of that anxiety is gone, dad. Mom, don’t worry. I’m doing great since i stopped going to the psychiatrist. No more voices, no more tourettes. Everything is fine.” She knows why she lies.. She lies because through this battle, people were so impressed. They were so impressed at how great she did, that she couldn’t bring herself to say that maybe she wasn’t. And it buries her. Deeper in her lies, caving in around her. She can feel her own heat reflecting back on her, the thoughts acting as a wall of insulation. A wall of delusion and warped reality. A false world that has slowly and steadily become her memory, life and future. And as of July 16th, 2012 at 12:46 AM, this is my life.

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