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I can’t handle being in my family anymore! it’s becoming way to stressful and it just keeps getting worse as I get older. When I was young I was like the princess of the house, always making jokes and making everyone smile and now I can’t even talk to my Mam or Dad without fighting with them! My mam is lovely when it’s just the two of us and nobody is around but as soon as we are in front of other family members or friends she constantly gives out to me r gives out about?! It just doesn’t make sense. My dad and I haven’t got along since I was seven and I’ve learned to live with his ways but he takes it to far sometimes and I just can’t take it anymore my head is going to explode! I lie awake at night just thinking why am I so different to all of them and it brings me to tears cause all I wanna do is fit in!I think my parents hate me because I’ll never be able to live up to my brother ‘The Golden Child’ Don’t get me wrong I love my brother he’s like my best friend but it’s so hard to follow in his footsteps and sometimes he will go off and b**** about to my mam and dad, so annoying and uncalled for. They wonder why I never come out of my room it’s because it’s the only place in this house where I feel comfortable and they complain I never take out my earphones it’s because music is the only thing that keeps me sane and level headed in life. It’s pretty hard to walk into your sitting room full of laughs and joy and once you walk in the room falls silent. I just need them to understand how I can’t handle how mean they can be. I want to wake up one day and everything be the way it is in my dream world..shame my dreams can’t e my reality. </3

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  1. Person who understands says:

    i hope you feel better and life is good 🙂

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