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I always ask why me. I’m 16 and I just want it all to end. At fourteen I found the love of my life. At fifteen I was engaged and pregnant. I wasn’t ready for a baby but I was still excited. One night I get a phone calling telling me that my fiancé had died in a car wreck.three weeks later I lost my baby. I became anorexic I cut and burn myself every night and everytime I think ok this will be the last time but it never is. My parents hate me I live in my fiancés old house by myself. I’m so alone. I have no one. I just want all the pain the scars to end. I always think if I just go ahead an kill myself will I be with my baby and fiancé? I just don’t know what to do anymore.

One thought on “I want it all to end

  1. Satellite says:

    you’re still too young to kill yourself (I am 16 too) please try not to be alone. be with your family or friends and have fun.

    Even though he and your baby left you, please don’t be like that.

    your parents hate you? well, probably they’re just showing you hates but, in the end I can feel that they’ll be by your side

    try to make them understand about your situation.

    -Note that this is just a suggestion. It’s your life, so it’s your choice-

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