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Posted by on 2012/07/11 under Uncategorized

Why is it that NOTHING can go right for me… i mean i didnt do anything to anyone.. why cant i have a normal life why cant i have both my parents why did my father kill himself why! sometimes i wonder did he do it because of me? but then i think why i was only 2 years old.. why did i have to end up like this.. why is it that everyone has two parents and i only have one i love my mom so much but WHY!!! why do all my friends have to move away why am i even here why why why… all thease questions will never be answered because no one knows.. who i am or how i feel or how hard i try to be a good person but no! no! all i do is basically worthless and i want to give up! NOW! but i cant and im not going to do anything stupid because look how messed everything already is and me being gone wont help. i swear i feel like a dumass writeing on this site honestly i feel alone like i have no one to talk to so im on this… but when all of this is gone and done with ill be fine. hopefully

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