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I recently met with someone, an old friend, who I haven’t spoken to for a long time. I re-added L on facebook and she accepted. Due to our history together, my ex girlfriend didn’t allow me to have L on facebook while we were together, fair I guess.
It’s just something weird about how well things have gone since I got in contact with L. The week I add her on facebook is the week that she’s back in town after living away for a while, I guess that’s sort of strange. She messaged me tonight at midnight, asking if I wanted to go for a walk, so I said yeah. We met up and walked around all the places we went when we were acquainted (let’s call it that, it never went further than drunken times and a few hours spent having fun together), we accidentaly ended up sitting in exact spots we’d been at a long time ago. I don’t know if she noticed that we were at them places and some stuff I mentioned she said she didn’t remember, but I remembered every minute of our time together.
We were walking towards our houses and I walked around some litter on the ground, I guess I got nearer to her. She said “you smell like [myname]”. That’s what makes me doubt that she doesn’t remember alot of the times we were ‘close’. If someone remembers how you smell from the fraction of a second that they can smell you, how can they not remember the s***load (in comparison) of time spent together?
I’ve always liked her, I suppose I remember more because of that.
I need to say stuff to something, so here you are internet.
I feel happy after spending three hours just talking and walking places with her. More importantly this is the first time, since I was dumped by my ex, that I’ve felt actually happy. The way she was tonight felt new to me, refreshing, but yet it felt so familiar. She’s crazy and fun, speaks her mind and is just a nice person to be around. There was a huge puddle in the park we went into earlier, she just took her shoes of and waded into it without any hesitation. It felt good to be around someone who just didn’t care so much, someone who wasn’t fully grown into an adult (I must point out, she is older than me, i’m not saying i’ve got a history with a little kid), someone who has time to be fun. Everything about her made me smile today, I mean most of the time I knew her befor she did too. I’m not saying I’m in love with her, I just love her company. She managed what most of my friends and family have been trying to do for weeks. She made me feel genuinely happy, that was a nice feeling.

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    That was beautiful 🙂

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