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My friends are starting to get relationships and such. They tell me that i need a boyfriend and i should get one. That it’s “wonderful” “a feeling you can’t explain”
Well sorry but i really don’t care for one. I don’t need some boy to give me ‘happiness’or ‘love’. I also don’t want to go through all the Break ups than make ups like 2 days later!, crying, wasteing my time wishing he was here every second, texting him for over 5 hours, him getting on my nerves about my other guy friends, getting jelous, running into his ex, and ugh so much more. I don’t need all that. I’m having fun right now. Although sometimes i do get lonely and wish someone was here. But i have my teddy bear to keep me company. When my prince comes than he comes. He doesn’t need a big entrance or a cermony or anything just a warm hello. I don’t want just anyone. I want someone that will stay. That will laugh with me and come over to just watch movies and chill and no funny business. His smile and personality will sweep me off my feet. But for now. I’m so happy with life. My prince will have to wait

One thought on “I don’t need no ‘prince’

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am glad. Waiting is a good thing and you are doing the right thing. Some people date simply because they can. I, like you, love the fact of actually being in love with someone and finding that person later down the road. Enjoy life now, and be strong! You go girl! .xx

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