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I once had a crush on this guy who didn’t care about me and I said that’s it no man no love and then this amazing man happens to me and he’s so perfect but he leaves I mean what’s the point;He’s not here,I have no one who’d look at me and smile no one to tell me that I look beautiful no one to call me big heart.
He used to make me feel special and that I really matter to him he used to make me laugh hard.
But he’s is the one person who’ll never be mine because he is married and father of three and he’s my professor but not anymore he’s gone once and for all, guess that’s the way it is people come and go and sometimes pages must be turned and tears must be shed.
Since he left that I belong nowhere my home used to be in class with him but now I’m just running in endless circles running from myself and from everybody else and at night when the lights are off and everyone is asleep I just remember the days we spent together and I cry until I fall asleep and lately I have been dying inside because he’s my everything and without a he there’s no me and it’ll never be….

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