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ok so i know wat ppl say tht jus becuz im young tht i cant have problems. my mom expect me to be hert perfect thirteen year old daughter that she never had, and my dad expects me to be anyone but me. yeah i get it im clumsy, quiet, shy, wear dark colors, and i smoke. but honestly i do some that stuff so i can feel like im invisable, like im walking in the shadows. like no one can see this pathetic excuse for a girl. my mom was worried and sent me to a psych ward for 3 months. really mom then wen was finally aloud to come home my room was stripped all i had was a bed and dresser. its like i never even lef the place. it was hell!!!!! then my dad called me coward wen i try to talk to him. and wen i tell my mom i want to talk to her she jus says that she dosent want to know wat type s*** is going on in my life. so then i call her a selfless b**** then run to my room and stay ther til i want to cum out. my lirfe is a love hate situation. then my worst enemy………. myself i jus cant get these thoughts out of my head that i cant do anything rite, and i destroy anything i touch, and cant walk without falling atleast 4 to 5 times a day. i just dont know who i am anymore.

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