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Posted by on 2012/07/02 under Uncategorized

okay so i hate the rule.. “cant date your bestfriends ex” i think its honestly retarded and needs too end, well im kinda in a sticky stitch right now. i am madly in love with my friend madison’s ex boyfriend. ive been talking to him for awhile now and i finally told him that i liked him, well he likes me oo. well alot actually. he is the sweetest guy i know and he makes me so fricking happy its redic. and here’s what i dont get about any of this… she dated my ex only a month after we broke up.. and that was a year ago. she knew i still liked him and i still to this day do. well anyways she broke up with him in the 1st place so idek why she would care, i hate people sometimes they just piss me off. anyways yep. bye
i love him</3 but i cant have him :'/

2 thoughts on “crap.

  1. Qosmio says:

    I totally understand you…

  2. Lexie says:

    I completely understand you. the same thing happened to me. honestly, if this girl really is your “friend” she wont care if you date him. If he makes you feel happy then why should you let someone else bring you down! You shouldnt! then you will just go through life doing the same thing! put yourself first and go for it! dont feel sorry!

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