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I may only be 14, but I think beyond my years. I like a boy, and I feel like the happiest person ever because I think he likes me back. I’m not sure why, but “Fix You” by Coldplay makes me cry. I was named after “Angie” by the Rolling Stones, automatically making me a fan of them as well as their genre. I’m slightly socially awkward because I don’t listen to One Direction, I listen to The Beatles. I don’t watch “Jersey Shore”, I watch “I Love Lucy”. I’m not a bombshell or ugly, fat nor a twig, I am simply average, but in a strangely pretty way. I have friends that should be in a mental hospital with me sometimes, and I have friends I have worldly philosophical conversations with. There are days when I want to kill people because they did something that irks me only a little, as horrible as that sounds. I actually don’t text all that often unless it’s someone I can legitimately have a conversation with. I’m not sure if I’m an average teenager, whatever that may be, but I’m me nonetheless.

One thought on “Me in a Nutshell

  1. Somebody like you says:

    Hey, I’m with you when you say that you think beyond your years, because I do too and I know that I’m more than awkward, I simply just don’t want to talk. And I love bands like Muse and Coldplay and
    Japanese music that no one’s ever heard of. My best friend loves me because I’m just as insane as she is 😀 I rarely text and I’m fine with who I am. So cheers to us.

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