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At a young age I realized that life is not fair something that cannot be controlled. It never waits for when you’re ready or when you are prepared. For a long time now I felt I have been waiting for something, something that would change all my negative outlooks and turn them positive or a mystical force to fix all my problems. I realize now that’s not going to happen. Perhaps, I have always known this. Deep down I have never had a lot of success in my life well my idea of success, others may see my life as pretty good but, I am not satisfied I thought things were going to get better after high school I thought I was going to get better it actually just kept staying the same. I’m constantly afraid of growing up and where I am going to end up and in turn I decided to stay still trying to hold everything together. I screwed up a lot of relationships after high school and I became a loner once again until I met a cute girl who became my best friend we now live together and I feel she is like the sister I never had a chance to meet.I think I’m done staying where I am and am tired of blaming everything on everyone else.

2 thoughts on “I don’t know and I don’t care

  1. A says:

    Totally know how you are feeling right now..

  2. Luffi Munki says:

    Same here. Hopefully there’s something for us before it all ends.

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