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i suffered from depression ever since i was a lil girl. my boyfriend just went to jail i miss him like crazy i feel so empty and lonely its not even funny.. havent been out for a couple of days dont feel like going no where dont feel like eating im just really f***ed up.. plus my brother took my car on vacation so i have no ride even if i wanted to go out, i lost my job and my lisence..idk im starting to lose it.. i just want my bf back i dont car about anything else… (well except my car)i kept getting a unknown phone call but i didnt answer it cuse i never answer private calls or unknown calls.. but i finally answered it today and it was my bf calling me from jail,, i only had 30 seconds on the phone with him which made me miss him even more… i just wrote him a letter and drew him somthing so im waiting on him to respond back…hope he come backs soon i love him soo much hope hes okay :/

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  1. Someone says:

    Hey i kinda know how you feel, one of my friends just got locked up and i miss him, and life hasnt been great for me either

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