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Posted by on 2010/12/08 under Uncategorized

Dear Person,

You hurt me so bad, but when we were done i missed you so bad… and then you had the nerve to ask my best friend out 2 days after we broke up… like really? i can tell every time you said i love you, you didnt mean one bit of it… but the worst part is that you had to go and f*** her over too, and then ontop of doing that you made her hate me so we are no longer friends… thanks… and i over heard you saying you never wanted to hear or see me again… well you got it, im done, no one is ever going to see me again… grow up…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey also going through a tough time right such a pita to have those chauvinistic males in our seem very strong .i hope you get over him . i dont think i will ever reach there.makes me happy to see your willpower

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