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so this girl moved into a new neighborhood and met her brothers bestfriends sister and they are now really close friends, a few weeks later her sister and the girl were over at the girls bestfriends house and the neighbors from across the street that the girl never met introduced them selves the oldest was a boy who seemed really cool to hang out with, the middle child was a drama queen that the girl never got along with the second to last child was a completely amazing boy that was the girls age and the youngest child was only 4 so she was adorable but sometimes bratty. after they all met the amazing boy (lets name him jake) and the girl hung out for a while and the older sister of the girl of course hooked them up. for a couple of weeks they dated but the girl didnt feel comfortable so she broke up with him, after that the girl, her best friend, and jake were all best friends. one day the girl and jake were sitting alone and jake broke the silence “do you regret dating me”? the girl was confused and said not exactly and jake just nodded his head and they continued talking. recently the girl and the best friend were riding the golf cart when the girl was thinking how much she really liked jake, she told the best friend and she rushed home and told jake. jake had a girlfriend so it was super strange being around him, so she ran home. the next couple of weeks she refused to speak to him. when she went to her friends house she asked if she would like to go to jakes house, the girls friend “no our parents and his got into a fight and we arent aloud to go over there any more”. the girl of course picked the friend instead of jake but everyday fell in love with him more and more each day and she cant speak to him…welcome to my stupid completely messed up love life and i havent talked to him in 4 months and it completly sucks…and his name isnt jake…its will…and heres my confession…I Amber, have completely fallen for a guy named Will who I cant speak to and every day I fall for him a little more :”'(

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I know how hard it is being in love with someone and feel that you can’t talk to the person.

    To not talk to the person, the feelings you’re feeling, they will only cause you more pain the longer you wait. Eventually, if it haven’t already, the pain will consume your life completely. It is always better to have an ending to things, to get closure. You should not leave things like these unfinished.

    This will probably not make you happier, at least not for a while, and it’s not certain anything will work out if you choose to follow this advice but from my own experience it is the thing to do in this situation that will cause you the least pain.

    Please take this from someone who never had a real friend until reacently; you should never let go of good friends, they are not easy to come by and life is terribly lonely without them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I forgot one thing.

    Don’t let unhappy love consume your life. I’m 17 years old and I’m currently in love for the third time in my life, for the first time it’s not unhappy, I might acually have a chance. The last two times I was in love it was unhappy and I regret so many things, the last girl didn’t want to be my friend anymore when I told her how I felt. My point is that I’ve lost more than two years of my life being unhappily in love, two years when I could have made good friends, years that I could have enjoyed. Instead I spent them in darkness and tears.

    Don’t make that mistake.

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