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I think of you, and miss you.
I just talked to you, or you just left.
I still miss you.
I dont know what makes me love you the way i do.
I would give up just anything to be with you, but then i know that if we did…it probraly wouldnt last long.
I still want to be your everything, to love and hold me…kiss me, dont be scared. I am here for you. I am yours.
I do somethings i know i shoulnt…things i know you wouldnt find out.
I do them because it hurts, knowing you lie next to another woman everynight. A woman you have been with for 17 years.
How do i expect for you not to be normal, for you to hide it from her. Sometimes i feel bad for her, she must have it worst than me. To know that her husband might be with someone else. Wonder who he messages late at night, or during the day. Who’s numbers are always on the bill.
When she asks i know you dont tell her the truth…so what do you say?
Do you say no honey your the only one, do you know i love only you….do you make love to her, to calm her down? Do you give it to her when she wants it? Can you find it in yourself to say no?

These are some of the things i wonder when im alone..sitting in my home.
When your at yours with your wife and kids….why do i continue then?
I am hopelessly in love with you. I feel like i dont want anyone else…i know it’s wrong in God’s eyes in every else’s eyes. They are all watching and judging.

AM i the stupid one? Should i just let it go, and suffer from the worst pain i could ever have. A broken heart that i only caused to myself?
Or should i continue knowing that one day he could just end it, end it in a way that i couldnt even be friends with him afterwards.

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