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You can have her and she can have you. You deserve each other more than you can ever imagine.

I hope that you infect her mind and make her believe that she’s everything you’ve ever wanted. I hope she falls in love with you, and I hope you fall in love with her, and I hope you two live happily f***ing ever after. Together. Forever.

I hope that you’re happy with the choices you’ve made.

I hope that your inner demons work themselves out and you two don’t end up in a drug induced stupor, splayed out on your bed in the painful rays of the morning sunlight as they expose the truths between your expensive sheets. Oh wait…

I hope you get her pregnant…and I hope she makes you do what I didn’t. I hope you have a baby, and I hope that it’s just…like…you. I hope you get everything.

Everything that you deserve in this life and then some. I hope you get your retribution and your revenge and your redemption for whatever wrong doing you feel made you so justified in treating anyone who crossed your path like a worthless piece of s***.

I hope she knocks you down to nothingness just like she does everything else she touches. I hope she makes you believe you’re nothing but the scum on the bottom of her shoe.

And I hope you live happily f***ing ever after.

I hope that someday, somewhere, years from now, you’ll be sitting there wondering where you went wrong, and I hope that my face flashes in your mind.

I hope that you’ll be sitting at another boring dinner, eating the tasteless food that she cooked you, in the shattering silence that exists between two people who hate each other but stay together, and I hope you think of me.

I hope that you’ll be laying in your bed and you’ll wonder what I’m doing, then you’ll look over at her, fat and unkempt, and ugly, and wish it was me.

And I hope you live happily f***ing ever after.

At night I lay in my bed next to my knight in shining armor and sometimes I think of you. I wonder what you’re doing…if you’re happy, if you’re safe. I wonder if you think of me. I lay in bed and hope that someday you find everything you’re looking for. Then, I look over at my prince charming, and gently move a little closer so as not to stir him. I wrap my arms around his waist, caress his soft chest. I bury my face between his shoulders and breathe in the sweet smell of sex, and love, and cologne.

And I live happy ever after.

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