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Damn I don’t even know if someone even reads this or not…but I’d better say,whats hurting me,getting me away of what I should do these days such as studying for entrance exam of university…
I don’t even want to think about such things…relationships.boys and etc. I have to focus on my great purposes of studying these days(coz of the exams) but I find myself thinking all the day just about my relationship with a new friend of mine.
Plz. If someone knows how to get out of this kinda thinking tell me… How can I controll myself,not to text him while he doesn’t and do not care about him till he comes for me? Wanna a reall solution coz I don’t wanna ruin my future by thinking about someone I can’t count on.
Plz answer me ASAP…thanks a lot.

2 thoughts on “Plz help me through this…

  1. Emmy says:

    That’s sweet. unfortunately, it’s really hard. Maybe write your feelings in letters, and set them aside in a drawer or something. that might help:)

  2. Nat says:

    I believe love and relationships are some of the most precious things in the world, but think of it this way. If he had 10 seconds to gather his valuables from a burning building and you trapped in that building, would he come to save you? Or would he go for his laptop, cash, etc.?

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