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Well its been almost 3 months of being together. But I think this has come to an end. Through out these 3 months with him. There’s been so many ups and downs. I tried so hard to keep him happy. To heal him from his past. I was helping him recover, showing him that I can love him and never hurt him. He is very jealous and angry at the world. I just want to help him and give him a reason to be happy. But I seem to annoy him. I’m always nice to him, even when he screams at me or tells me harsh things. I love this guy, so much. I think everything he does is adorable. ( I know, stupid ) but i can’t help it. He honestly has my heart. Recently, I found out I was pregnant. We decided to have an abortion. I cry about it everyday. Another one of our downs. I wish I could have kept it. But i’m only 18. Fresh out of highschool. He wasn’t so fond of the idea either….and it hurt me. Lets get to the point though….we have a had great times this week. He bought me a heart necklace and he was so nice and everything was perfect. Just like in the beginning. But, there’s been a few issues with him and my parents approval. He doesn’t like to interact with my family or spend time with them. And my mom said, if he didnt come over to spend time with them for dinner, that I won’t be able to see him. So i told him what she said…and he said he didn’t want to. I told him… “If you dont do it, I won’t be able to see you :(” and he said…” Well I guess we just can’t be together.”….. I understand why he is like that. But if he loved me….he would do it right? Isn’t that what people do when they love someone? Do anything for them?

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