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i just need somewhere to rite all my thoughts and just let it all out. so i just went to mexico on mission trip and it was the best expierence of my life and i can honestly say that. I connected with so many of the kids we stayed with it was so hard to leave not knowing whether or not i would ever see them again bc they are orphans. one in particular i really connected with. he was a quit little boy but one of the older ones there and it crushed me to leave him. if you could have seen his beautiful face crying when he knew we were leaving it would crush you too. i think about him everyday and just break down thinking of his face when i left and thinking about how he could not be there when i go back. I appreciate my family and the things i have bc of these people i met there. They were the nicest people I will ever meet and their happiness with the little things they had astounded and brought hope to me! Now to me the stupid things i want to do and have all seem useless to me. i am going to a concert this weekend with a bunch of friends all saying it will be the best night of their lives. i Just think about those kids and how ive already had the best days of my life with them. i feel like i cant talk to them about this bc they really just dont understand what happened to me in mexico and how i really had a conversion in my ay of thinking. So sure i am goign to this concert and am going to really appreciate that i can go because i know that my little friends in mexico will never get this oppurtunity or others to just have their own thing they are good at and can invest time into bc they are orphans. so that was long but if you just read i really appreciate it so thanks!

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