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Posted by on 2012/06/21 under Uncategorized

Thank you Universe or God or whoever/whatever is out there for giving me the life I have now.And I wanna sincerely apologize to you for being a b**** so many times and doing the wrong things to good people and all of that just cause i was a scared and immature little girl.It all came back to me…all the bad and wrong things I did came back to me and punched me in the face.Now I know better..Now I am not afraid to be myself.I just let go of my fake personality and the need to impress people..Thank you also for bringing pole dance to my life 🙂 I can finally pursue dancing now..I dont need anyone to approve of me,of my looks, of my opinions of the things i do..I realized it is really ok to just be myself no matter how imperfect I may be..thank you universe for all of those things and thank you in advance for all the things that are about to happen in the future.NO matter good or bad.Thank you 🙂

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