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I bet each of you have you own perspective on life, some of you over analyse it others have virtually no idea about it while others have some kind of opinion on it. Well what i’m about to tell you is my own perspective on life and on how i have come to understand it.
I think if we reach a balance point in life everything would be much simpler.
To achieve balance in life we must consider 4 main categories,
Career, finance, spirituality and lifestyle
This s not according to priority just at random,
Career is what you choose as your vocation doctor principal mom teacher advicer etc.. you need to know exactly what gives you happiness and fulfilment into your life. Then work towards it remember the pain of discipline is far less than the pain of defeat so work towards it and once you get there you will be one step closer to living your best life as Oprah would say it,
Next is finance we all agree that money is essential for life its what makes the world go round… no money equals impossible to survive, so having a good hand on money and managing it properly is definitely heading in the right direction. The basic principle is Earn more than you spend. The larger this gap is the more financially in control you are, so understanding how much you can afford to spend is the basic principle, as tempting as it is to splurge like a madman please hold back we are trying to achieve balance here,
My next step is spirituality, spirituality does not mean religion its gaining a deep, meaningful insight on life. Its that part of life that keeps you sane amidst all the chaos, its what puts a smile on your face at the end of the day its the beauty of life, being more spiritual makes you less materialistic more deep and more happy which is absolutely perfect for reaching that balance.
The last is life style how you eat , how you exercise how you treat each part of you ,mind body and soul. Your fitness routine to your breakfast cereal all belong to your life style having an organised lifestyle with a clear vision and one of awareness will certainly make you reach that perfect balance .
Hope this helps
Much love,

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