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Posted by on 2012/06/20 under Uncategorized

It’s not that I’m obsessed and I’m that obsessed girlfriend that comes around and always wants to be with you. It’s that I’m losing everything in my life and you’re the only thing I have. I do always want to be with with you but because I NEED you. I dont like telling anyone my personal life and I just take it out on our relationship, when in reality our relationship is the only thing keeping me here, and keeping from falling apart. I may not tell you what’s going on with me and what’s wrong, but it’s because just by seeing you and being with you is enough to get me through the day. It’s enough to let me forget, just for a few hours, forget everything bad going on inside of me in my life and to focus on the only thing good, which is us. You’re my rock and I want to tell you everything that’s making me upset but I just .I’m scared if I tell you you’ll tell me everything will be ok then the next day our relationship will go back to how it is. I just need you, not to ask me what’s wrong but to BE THERE FOR ME, and right now….. I need you to be there for me.

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