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It’s done she already took him away from me. He like her more and I am just an idiot that keeps insisting. I am hurting so much right now because I can’t do anything. I really want to cry because I thought I didn’t like him anymore but my feelings won’t go away so easily even if I want to. She’s better than me. She’s funny and happy and I am annoying, jealous, stupid, paranoic… And I am just a piece of s*** that doesn’t deserve to live. I wish I had never talked to them. It was my fault. I talked to them. I wish I had never met you. my life would be better without you. I WISH I HAD NEVER MET YOU. I don’t hate you. I don’t hate her. I love both of you, but I am the stupid one, because I thought we could have something, but I am not special I am boring and you grew tired of me and I understand. But I still wish I had never met you.

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