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most of the time i feel i do not belong in my family. my parent’s treat me differently because there are three children…, my older sister and my older brother. they treat my brother so great because he is the only boy, they treat my sister so super, super great because she the oldest child and she is the oldest daughter and i’m just this thing that popped out of
nowhere. my parents never listen to me and when i try to say my point of
view it is always rudely said(this is what my foolish stupid mother says.)
she is the worst out of all. she is a total b****. nobody cares about me and my feelings and somehow whatever my mother wants she gets and who cares about me? NOBODY!!!! it always hurts but NOBODY cares, not for me. my father loves to complain all of the time and nothing is ever his fault, it is always someone else’s own. my family is sometimes good but sometimes very bad. i just feel like running and never stopping i just want to cry. almost every night i want to cry and sometimes i do but NOBODY cares! my father enjoys seeing me get annoyed mostly from him. thank The Lord that i have doggies. and somehow whenever i try to help my annoying father i’m always doing something wrong.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dont you ever feel like your not loved! you are very loved. you think no one w ill care when your dead? wrong. imagine who will find your body how they will feel. devestation. days go by… night by night day by day your parents filled with questions, pain, guilt.. every night crying.. more guilt and pain.. your friends they will miss you soo much. so you think no one cares? think again you are loved by many. this is not the end of your story. stay strong~

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